Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Hail to the fallen,
Hail to the living,
Hail to those that fight.
This day is yours, in all the Nine Realms.
May the feast be sound, the meadhorn be raised,
Children told of your mighty deeds.
To the Soldier, the Warrior, the Merc!
Hail to the heroes of our lands!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Ten Years On

It has now been ten years since Islamic Terrorists flew planes into US buildings, killing both military and civilian people. In ten years, a lot has changed. Often, not in the ways we would have expected.

We went to war, which was expected, and it has been one in which we have lost the least lives of all our conflicts. Yet it is treated as if it was one of the highest.

We caught the man behind it all. He atomized thousands of people. We gave him a proper burial.

People were killed in the name of a religion: Islam. But it has been treated as if there was no religious motivations, and many have gone far out of their way to appease the followers of that religion, including letting them build a giant Mosque two blocks from where thousands were killed in the name of religion used as the motive for killing them.

We were going to build a memorial on the site. It still hasn't been built. And when it is, I've heard rumors that it will be smaller and shorter than the towers that fell, so as not to offend...certain peoples.

We've given up a lot of freedoms. Many people screamed at the lost of these Freedoms under Bush. Many of those same have stayed silent about the expansion of that loss under Obama. But they are freedoms still lost.

We are now paranoid. Paranoid of the Muslims around us. Paranoid of being called racist, hatemongers, and Islamophobes for voicing that fear. I see news reports all over the place, where one would think it was Muslims being attacked, and were the true victims of 9/11.

Ten year later, and what have we? A population that cried for vengeance now bows and scrapes, tired of fighting, broken in spirit by those inside it who hate our ways of life as much as those that flew planes into building.

I have seen little justice, and less vengeance. Sometimes I wonder if our slaughtered innocent dead can rest, knowing that we have failed to stand up in their names.

May the Gods and Goddesses have mercy, for I think there is little left in men and spirits.