Monday, October 4, 2010

No Pressure, Really (Really??)

So, I just found out about this thanks to Glenn Beck. I don't want to hear any Beck bashing now, because this isn't about him.

Rather this is about something that goes Way Too Far, in my opinion. And for people who know me, that's pretty damn far to start with. Honestly, to hear my solution to some of the world's problems, people might be surprised that I would take offense to what I'm to show you. But then, even my worst, most violent, planet bombing, Death Star worthy ideas, are nothing in comparison to this video from the UK for the 10:10 Carbon Emissions reduction project.

It is, as the TVTropes website I like to visit would put it, High Octane Nightmare Fuel. I've watched it one time. I don't want to watch it again. It is so horrible, that the people that produced it are trying to wipe it from the Internet. (Though that might be because of just how badly it reflects on them, because they had no problem making it.)

In case the video disappears (which is likely) the basics is that it starts out with a teacher talking to her students about helping the environment. Two students don't look thrilled and basically show they won't do anything to help the environment. Teacher says that's okay, let me just press this button on my desk.

The two non-active students explode in a shower of blood (fake, fortunately) and splatter all over their horrified class mates (who are at most in their early teens). Teacher then cheerfully tells the class to read for their next assignment, excluding the two exploded ones.

By now, you should feel sick. If you're not, please tell me your secret. That is where the video stopped on Glen Beck. Thanks to and Youtube I got to watch the rest.

It consists of a Boss talking to his employees (and killing four of them to much shock and horror, I think). A small soccer/football club who kills one of there mates (to know discernible horror). The last one is in a recording studio with the lady doing the voice over at the end.

All through out the video, just before being exploded, the person with the button says "No Pressure." Yep, nice, calm words of reassurance. Right before the kill you like a suicide bomber. They even say it when they're giving the "Facts" about who all is joining and that you should to, (no pressure, by the way).

So yeah, this is what it's come down to. Save the environment. No Pressure.

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