Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's a little like Highlander...

There can be only one. (God)

Much has been made about the current US administration going off the deep end. Personally, I don't thing it's going off the deep end so much as it blasted off with powerful rockets, breaking the speed of light, and traveling to new dimensions which violate the laws of physics. If you watch Glen Beck, odd and emotional man that he is, you'll no doubt be regaled with hours of Progressivism and Obama's part in it. Fair enough, he probably has a point.

Others will speak at length of Obama's Muslim ties. While these are questionable, there is something interesting about the current admins and its relationship with Islam. Namely, the latest bit that has come out.

Jihad is Legit

That's right, Jihad, Terrorism, and Terror are no longer what we fight against. Jihad is legitimate now. Islam may now engage in holy struggle to its hearts content.


Now, while those Christians and Jews who understand what this means go running around screaming in terror, I would like to address my fellow Heathens and Pagans, be cause this means something more for us than it does for the Christians and Jews. This is because Christians and Jews have special protection under Islam: They are People of the Book, and may be permitted to worship their religions (at a price, mind you). Not so for us who follow the paths of many gods and goddesses. For us there is only two choices: Convert or Die.

This no Cake or Death moment for us, my fellow Heathens. I will admit that when it comes down to it, I'm not sure how many of us will react to the Sword of Islam hanging over our heads at the true, physical moment when we must choose Heathen Gods and Death, or Life under Islamic Submission. I do know/hope that at least amongst those who follow the Asatru, and other paths being reconstructed will have the strength to say no to more monotheistic oppression.

When it comes to the Asatruar, I do think I know what will happen, at least when it comes to myself. Over a thousand years ago, Heathen men and women faced a threat much like this one, and for two hundred years we put such a fear of Heathen peoples into Christianity that they still speak of it with terror.

We have Gods of War.

They have only a God of Submission.

Slaves may kill Freemen, but they can never truly defeat them.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammad Day

So, turns out that today is International Draw Mohammad, or at least it is the one sponsored by Gates of Vienna and their fellow bloggers. They've been talking about it for a few weeks, with a facebook group up and running with enough people to cause Pakistan to stop Facebook services in their country. This IDM was started in response to actions taken to suppress images of Mohammad on the parts of Comedy Central (involving the infamous South Park's plans to show the Prophet) and other artists who had previously drawn said individual and faced religiously backed call for execution from Muslim countries. Lars Vilks being a rather famous example of this.

While the vast majority of my anti-monotheistic feelings are aimed at Christianity, for reasons obvious and historical, it must be stated that Islam is just as bad, nay, worse that the Christ god's way, when it comes to suppressing alternative religions and lifestyles. Indeed, while elements of older traditions such as magic, paganism, alchemy, and more were somewhat preserved in Christian lands there is no such thing preservation in Muslim lands. Alchemy, while having a high point in Islamic civilization, was initially suppressed HARD. I've read that the Library at Alexandra, while already damaged before hand, had it destruction pretty much completed when Islam reached the city as the knowledge with in had come from "Before Islam" and was no longer needed. We can only guess at what was lost in those flames. Even more so, there is little if any records of magic from those areas that hadn't previously been transported into Europe or else where. This is not even counting the fact that to this day in Islamic nations, people are still executed for the crime of practicing "Black Magic" for any purpose.

So, while I am not joining in the International Draw Mohammad day, primarily because my art sucks, I place my voice among those who support the daring artists and their noble quest to support free speech in the face of oppression. For oppression it is, when a religion insists on suppressing and killing those who make images of their sacred leader. I will not get into the entire nature of the actions taken against those who violate the Laws of Islam as there plenty others out there who can do it better.

Good Fortune, Brave Souls. Know that while men, governments, and angry hordes rage against you, Heathen Gods watch on with joy and cheer you on, joined by Heathen Men!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Once again, we play old songs

Much has happened in my time away from the blog.

Mr McNallen of Asatru Update has by all accounts returned from his absence in the blogheim.

We've reached the end of one scholastic term and entered the summer.

We have a nominee to the Supreme Court that, while by all accounts not getting the same attention as Obama's first appointee, will undoubtedly prove to be just as change-worthy as everything else. And, speaking of the one some call the Messiah of our time, he has apparently declared that the internet and technology is being used too much for entertainment and not enough for worthy causes, business, and other. That's right, Obama seeks to destroy Rule #34 and prove that the internet is not for for porn.

There are plans to build a mosque near the site of the Twin Towers, a thirteen story one by all accounts. Some claim it to be innocent, others that it is an outright declaration of Islamic Victory and the West kneeling before the very ideology that killed kin and started a war that has lasted almost a decade. While I don't claim to grasp the inner workings of monotheistic Muslims, I will say that there is historical precedent in both Islam and Christianity of placing houses of worship either at on near the sacred sites of conquered peoples, and in our Modern US I doubt you could find a more sacred place that the Twin Towers, especially for New Yorkers. What will come of this I cannot yet say, though there are protests planned and it probably wouldn't hurt to join them if one is able. Especially in the face of such things as the current Administration taking Islamic Extremism off lists involving terrorism and a far more friendlier attitude to Islamic nations over old allies like European nations and Israel, to the point where sources in Palestine are claiming Obama will force the creation of a Palestinian State on Israel.

We've got an oil spill in the Gulf and cries that this is horrible and a frothing at the mouth to punish those responsible, especially BP. To my knowledge, no one is sure what caused the accident, be it a mistake, failure, or intentional. No doubt, however, it will be used to end all off shore drilling.

In Europe, chaos grows ever stronger, with France and Germany fighting over bailing out Greece (who attempted to play the Nazi card on Germany and was shot down). I have to admit I'm sympathetic to the Germans at this point, as they have valid complaints about having to pay for the Greek lifestyle that is so different from their own. Where that will lead is also better left to experts in that area, but I doubt it will be good.

Closer to home, we face the Arizona Immigration law, which has divided people by racial lines as well as political. Some call for harsher border control, others for Amnesty, others for the situation to be ignored. Obama spoke out against it, Palin spoke for it, and hundreds, thousands, of maybe millions are caught in the middle. Students wearing American colors and flags on Cinco de Mayo were booted from school and labeled racists. To my knowledge, the Arizona law adds nothing new except a promise of enforcing pre-existing laws. On the issue itself, I side with Arizona's government. The Law is the Law, and by saying illegal immigrants don't have to obey that law which governs their entry into a nation, one is in effect telling them that no law applies to them. Either all laws apply, or none do, there can be no exceptions if there is to be order. Such is the lesson I have learned, by Tyr.

California is apparently going to have to cut programs. I doubt this will mean any of the social welfare programs that have bankrupted the state. It will most likely cut things like police and other emergency services, as well as cut backs on prison systems, maybe even their National Guard units. It has led other states to cry out for federal bailouts like those being sent to Europe by our current government, which many most likely haven't heard about. Apparently we can bailed out other people, while needed to be bailed out.

Thanks to my studies in the Middle Ages, I have come to see certain patterns. We are living in an age not so different from then. We face the collapsing of old orders that have been almost divine in their glory and power. Humanity touched the stars, spanned the globe, and wrought miracles. Like Rome before us, we have done what some thought impossible. Like Rome before us, we are falling. Pagan Ideals fall before Eastern Monotheism. Honor is cast aside in the name of expediency. The meritocracy is replaced by entitlement. The strong are being removed while the weak gain power. Christianity is reaching the true fulfillment of its promise, just in time for Islam to come in and bring forth the fulfillment of its own promises.

What are we to do in the face of Chaos? I could give some glowing speech about the virtues of Paganism/Heathenism and how it is the solution to our problems. But that isn't really my style, however true I feel it to be. The solution must be found my each of us on our own. I cannot make the European peoples of the West believe in our ancestral ways, if they are to believe them they must come on their own. I will merely stand as an example, til Ragnarok comes.