Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammad Day

So, turns out that today is International Draw Mohammad, or at least it is the one sponsored by Gates of Vienna and their fellow bloggers. They've been talking about it for a few weeks, with a facebook group up and running with enough people to cause Pakistan to stop Facebook services in their country. This IDM was started in response to actions taken to suppress images of Mohammad on the parts of Comedy Central (involving the infamous South Park's plans to show the Prophet) and other artists who had previously drawn said individual and faced religiously backed call for execution from Muslim countries. Lars Vilks being a rather famous example of this.

While the vast majority of my anti-monotheistic feelings are aimed at Christianity, for reasons obvious and historical, it must be stated that Islam is just as bad, nay, worse that the Christ god's way, when it comes to suppressing alternative religions and lifestyles. Indeed, while elements of older traditions such as magic, paganism, alchemy, and more were somewhat preserved in Christian lands there is no such thing preservation in Muslim lands. Alchemy, while having a high point in Islamic civilization, was initially suppressed HARD. I've read that the Library at Alexandra, while already damaged before hand, had it destruction pretty much completed when Islam reached the city as the knowledge with in had come from "Before Islam" and was no longer needed. We can only guess at what was lost in those flames. Even more so, there is little if any records of magic from those areas that hadn't previously been transported into Europe or else where. This is not even counting the fact that to this day in Islamic nations, people are still executed for the crime of practicing "Black Magic" for any purpose.

So, while I am not joining in the International Draw Mohammad day, primarily because my art sucks, I place my voice among those who support the daring artists and their noble quest to support free speech in the face of oppression. For oppression it is, when a religion insists on suppressing and killing those who make images of their sacred leader. I will not get into the entire nature of the actions taken against those who violate the Laws of Islam as there plenty others out there who can do it better.

Good Fortune, Brave Souls. Know that while men, governments, and angry hordes rage against you, Heathen Gods watch on with joy and cheer you on, joined by Heathen Men!

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