Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's a little like Highlander...

There can be only one. (God)

Much has been made about the current US administration going off the deep end. Personally, I don't thing it's going off the deep end so much as it blasted off with powerful rockets, breaking the speed of light, and traveling to new dimensions which violate the laws of physics. If you watch Glen Beck, odd and emotional man that he is, you'll no doubt be regaled with hours of Progressivism and Obama's part in it. Fair enough, he probably has a point.

Others will speak at length of Obama's Muslim ties. While these are questionable, there is something interesting about the current admins and its relationship with Islam. Namely, the latest bit that has come out.

Jihad is Legit

That's right, Jihad, Terrorism, and Terror are no longer what we fight against. Jihad is legitimate now. Islam may now engage in holy struggle to its hearts content.


Now, while those Christians and Jews who understand what this means go running around screaming in terror, I would like to address my fellow Heathens and Pagans, be cause this means something more for us than it does for the Christians and Jews. This is because Christians and Jews have special protection under Islam: They are People of the Book, and may be permitted to worship their religions (at a price, mind you). Not so for us who follow the paths of many gods and goddesses. For us there is only two choices: Convert or Die.

This no Cake or Death moment for us, my fellow Heathens. I will admit that when it comes down to it, I'm not sure how many of us will react to the Sword of Islam hanging over our heads at the true, physical moment when we must choose Heathen Gods and Death, or Life under Islamic Submission. I do know/hope that at least amongst those who follow the Asatru, and other paths being reconstructed will have the strength to say no to more monotheistic oppression.

When it comes to the Asatruar, I do think I know what will happen, at least when it comes to myself. Over a thousand years ago, Heathen men and women faced a threat much like this one, and for two hundred years we put such a fear of Heathen peoples into Christianity that they still speak of it with terror.

We have Gods of War.

They have only a God of Submission.

Slaves may kill Freemen, but they can never truly defeat them.

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