Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cry Havoc

So, I'm guessing most people have heard about the whole Israel sending in commandos to take control of those Free Gaza ships, which were attempting to get in past a blockade to "give aid." Presumable, people are choosing their sides, if they haven't already. I've heard all manner of things being thrown around, most of it anti-Israeli in the media and a mixture on the net. Second hand sources say the anti-Israeli stuff on the net borders on levels not seen since Nazi Germany.

So, what does this have to do with me? Not all that much, or so it would seem. As a heathen this strikes me as yet another instance of either anti-semitism, infighting between Monothiests, namely the State of Israel and a bunch of people who apparently have ties to Islamic terrorist organizations. (more on that can be seen at Gates of Vienna, which goes into it far better than I can).

But I feel this does effect those of us who are pagan/heathen and far away from the shores of Israel. I've stated before that Islam has little love for Jews and Christians and outright suicidal hate for polytheists. And, as ruthless as this sounds, the longer they have Israel to focus on, they won't be as active hunting us polytheists. But that won't last forever.

A more real threat is that as this is happening, Turkey (who seems to be a real backer of these "aid" ships) is severing ties with Israel and trying to draw NATO to their side in any actions taken against Israel. The other Islamic nations in the area seem to be gearing up for something, and I've read that Israel is prepping its troops for action on its borders. All this, while more ships have left Turkey to run the blockade to the Gaza Strip.

We've heard countless times that the Middle East is an explosive ready to blow. Still, I can't help but wonder if this won't end up being an Archduke Ferdinand.

Only time will tell. Pray to the Gods that we, the tiny minority of polytheists, will make it out okay.

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