Friday, June 4, 2010

O 4 teh luv of Odin

So, there are many interesting things I could write about. The situation with the Israelis taking over those "aid" ships still spins further news. The Mosque being put up next to the remains of the Twin Towers, a clear sign of Islam saying "we've won" if ever the was one. Heck, I could even talk about the weather and Global Warming (which sometimes means Global Cooling).

But rather I shall speak on the spelling of words.

Spelling is hard. I know it, you know it, and if it wasn't for spellchecker my posts probably would be unreadable to someone who hasn't worked in old and middle English and learned to guess the phonetics of a scribbled word. That, or someone who has read a great deal of fanfiction. But still, the difficulty of the words is needed and has evolved over centuries of use.

But that doesn't seem to matter to some people:

Enuf is enuf.

For those who don't want to read the linked article, I shall summarize. Basically, people were protesting a spelling bee because they fell that some words are too hard to spell and the intricacies of the written English word need to be simplified.

Right. Let's just butcher the gift of our ancestors, a thing they worked centuries to perfect and we spend years to learn, just because some people have problems. That's like saying let's make tests easier so kids don't fail. It's like saying that our written word, with its sacred power, isn't worth having. One will notice that there is no call to make the Arab written word easier to use, or the Japanese or Chinese kanji system, which makes the phonetic cacophony we have in Europe and America look like child's play. Draw your own conclusions.

Making things easier doesn't really help people. In a psychology class I was in we talked about whether it was better for people to attempt what was reasonable or unreasonable, an example being a someone wanting to become an accountant or an astronaut. My teacher, and others held that it was better to try and become something that had a higher probability of success. I on the other hand held that it was better to aim at the more impossible dream. A kid who wants to be an astronaut and goes for it might not reach his dream, but he could still get very far and be something like a jet fighter pilot or actually get into NASA.

The man who seeks to become a god, may actually become a king on the way.

Odin spent nine days hanging from a tree to gain the magic runes that formed the Norse written language. Who knows how much sacrifice was made to bring us our own written word. Don't throw it away just because a few fail to measure up.

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