Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the Second Class

The News jumps today, it seems. I honestly thought that the BP thing was going to be the biggest thing today and that it would suffice as my post until something interesting came along, probably in a couple of days or next week. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was the last post of the month, a record breaking 9 posts in a single month. But it seems the Gods and Wyrd have other plans.

I'm a person who advocates freedom and equality, based on my ancestral beliefs and the traditions of Western Europe and the Scandinavian/Germanic/Celtic/Greek/Roman peoples of that land. Indeed, I'm almost close to an anarchist in that sense, as I despise anything that gets in the way of freedom. As is the way of Asatru, I look beyond the color of a man's skin and look to the deeds of his hands and words of his mouth.

Sadly, it looks like the Government is working to suppress freedom based on race. Not against black people, the historical target of racial supression (ignoring of course, the Irish, Italians, Scandinavians, Poles, Germans, Scottish, Greeks, and numerous other light skinned ethnics that were, you know, suppressed and racially discriminated against). Nope, the Obama Admin has struck a blow in the name of justice! He and his followers have raised a mighty hand! Down with Whitey!

But Mr. Alchemist, surely you jest! Obama promised us a post-racial world! An age of peace and prosperity! You white racist bastard!

Well, as the old joke goes, don't call me Shirley. Thanks to Fox busting out an interview with former DOJ attorney Adams, we learn that the Obama DOJ is not willing to finish cases it has already won. The issue of the New Black Panther Party's intimidation of voters during the last presidential election has be tossed out. And, if Adams is to be believed (and I see no reason at this point why he shouldn't be) the Admin has set forth that no other such cases shall be brought forth. In other words, Black can now freely intimidate whites in politics and get away with it.

Hard to believe as this is, I never dealt with racism growing up. Perhaps my life was sheltered, but my first experience with Racism was in a Civil Rights History class and it didn't come from the white kids. It came from the black ones, who would treat me as if it was my fault for all the suffering blacks had endured. I was willing to question everything, both on the white and black sides, to see the reasons behind everyone's actions. I am an alchemist, it is my nature, but I got a lot of hate for questioning if whites had a point, or at least a justification, and daring to question the actions of any black person in that time. When we watched a video of a KKK member giving a speech, and I remarked that while I didn't agree with him, he did come across as rational and having some skill at speaking (in addition to being respectably dressed) I half expected several large black girls to jump at me and attempt bodily harm. Before that class I never had a racist thought, after, I have sometimes begun to wonder. Yet I still believe that people should be equal.

So, who are these New Black Panther Party people? Well, thanks to an article I found a few videos: One from National Geographic and the other from Beck before he was on Fox where he talks about Black Nationalism and Black Liberation Theology. At one point in the Beck video, the man he's interviewing (a leading member of the NBPP) talks about Black people needing/wanting to reclaim themselves from white supremacy in ideology and religion and throw off the White Jesus and responds to calls by believers of BLT calling for God to kill the white people. I can sympathize with this man in his wish to throw of "White God" but I must correct him. "God" and "Jesus" aren't white. Not even close. They Are JEWISH! Jesus was a Jew! You wanna throw of a "white" God, talk about Thor, Odin, Tyr, Zues, or any of the other European Gods. Oh, wait, they didn't oppress you, they were oppressed by a JEWISH GOD. I can feel for the desire to throw off a God forced upon you by another people, as that is what me and every other Asatruar is trying to do every day. But Don't go hating White for it. You want black gods, look to Africa. The NBPP, according to research, wants reparations for slavery (ignoring that most whites never owned slaves, even in the South) as well as they're own area to build a Black Nation. Kinda reminds me of the Aztec re-constructionists McNallen has talked about that wanna take over territory and slaughter all the White Europeans in that area (guess you gotta get sacrifices from somewhere).

The case, one of the most clear cut intimidation cases seen by people on both the left and right, was dropped all because of Race. There is no other explanation. "You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker!" is a direct quote form one of the NBPP members who was keeping people from voting. the NBPP is listed as a radical hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group which has repeatedly declared Asatru to be an ideology of hate and has repeatedly listed other groups that are for keeping legal immigration and deporting illegals as hate groups. If a racist group run by blacks says that a black groups is racist...then that group (the NBPP) must be pretty racist.

Growing up, I thought America was a great place. A place of equality of opportunity, where every man or woman was free to follow their own path and destiny. Where it didn't matter the color of your skin. But as I grow older, I have come to find that the dream that was is no longer. Obama and company belong to an ideology that hates people based on race and actions taken long before I was born. The world seems filled with people who wish to slaughter each other based on religion and race and ideology. For all our progress, we are more backwards when it comes to the simplest things. Each day I see the truest fulfillment of the Monotheistic religion of Christianity, even as Islam rises in the East. Obama slaps old allies in the face and bows before people who would be our masters. How long before we are made slaves of freemen? How long before all the gifts of our European forefathers are lost? We believed in equality, we did our best to bring it forth for all peoples, and how have we been thanked? Judge that for yourselves.

I'm not a racist. I don't want to be a racist. I would like nothing better than for peoples to live in harmony, to have a simple life, to do as I please, and know that my kin are safe and our ways are respected. However, I'm sensing a lot of respect out there and I don't like where things are going.

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