Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food for Thought: Jews, Antisemitism, and The West

I made this comment after reading an article at Gates of Vienna, which has sparked a bit of controversy about Jewish people and the nature of Antisemitism and how it is used. While my comment stands for itself, I think it would be helpful to read all the comments that came before for a fuller picture.


It must be said that there are many interesting points and I doubt anyone here is entirely right or wrong.

As a person who walks Asatru, I am willing to admit that I have benefited from "multiculturalism" weakening the Tyrannical hold of Christianity almost as much as I have suffered for its constant attacks against peoples of European decent. In some ways it is the ultimate irony, that the very thing that destroys the West is the same thing that permits me to rediscover and live the original Western way. However, I feel that the best way for us to continue is to follow the path of the founding fathers: i.e. the path of Freedom, rather than Tolerance. Tolerance means that the bigger power lets the lesser do as it pleases, rather than all powers living in the freedom to do as they please so long as it doesn't impose upon the rights of another.

That said, I do agree that there are interests special to the Jews. To be honest, it is so for all people and groups and this makes them no more good or evil than any other. People here have made very good arguments as to why some Jews act the way they do. It is true that the religion of the Jews does lend itself to taking the Liberal side of things. However, one must remember the history of the Jews at the hands of both Christians and Muslims, and I personally recognize that it is almost as terrible as what happened to followers of Pagan/Heathen religions at the hands of Monotheists. I'm not saying they were to blame or were blameless.

If it is true that some or most of the liberal Jews are working to destroy the so called "Christian West" (an idea I find laughable since Christianity is an Eastern Religion) I would surmise that their desire to destroy Christianity is the same reason Islam and Christianity have historically tried to destroy all non-believers: the problem with having One God, who has One Chosen People, each who has The One Correct Way, is that any other religions are a threat to their claims of religious supremacy. And, be they Jews, Christians, or Muslims, those monotheistic, Abrahamic religions have always claimed divine supremacy. If the Jews seek to destroy the West, it is because it threatens the belief/concept that they are the Chosen People of the One God. The fact that they've not had the numbers to really do anything about it matters little. The Bible has many stories of the Jews/Original Israelite people commuting genocide against Polytheistic nations.

But that is just my personal opinion. I've studied a fair bit of history, and I've seen the patterns taken by those who worship the One God. The Jews, like every other race, wishes to survive and thrive and as a whole will attempt to preserve its life and power, even if it means sacrificing the well being of someone else. Doesn't make them any better or worse than the rest of us, however much they (like every other group) feels like they are superior.

I leave these words as food for thought.

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