Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They Want to be on a Boat, MF

So, we are now at day 72 of the BP Oil Disaster. Were it not for the fact that I slept late and boredly turned on the TV, I would not have found CNN ripping BP a new one for planning to come out with more positive views and stories about the Oil Spill that BP feels aren't being told by MSM or NMSM. Perhaps BP made a mistake by listing CNN by name as one of the groups that is spreading nothing but negative info, because CNN responded by trotting out attacks and people claiming no one believes anything BP says. The Facebook Boycott BP page is growing, ironically not realizing that if BP looses all its money, they won't be able to fix the leak. Personally I admire BP and the way it's handling the situation. From what I can learn, they are working as serious disadvantages, most of which come from federal regulation, and they decided to put all their efforts into containing and fixing the problem rather than fighting a public opinion battle. I think this was the right choice.

Made at the wrong time.

Under Bush, fool that some think him to be, BP could have done precisely as they are and gotten all the help they could, not just from the Government, but from all those little international sources that are floating out there begging the current President Obama is keeping at bay. They wouldn't have to face the massive character assassinations that the Obama Administration is hurling at them, along with its MSM buddies, who insist this is the fault of BP.

And we still don't know what caused the leak!

But in the face of several other oil and gas "leaks" appearing in a couple of other places around the US (for which I haven't heard any explanations for either) one might be drawn to the theory that all this "poisoning" has certainly helped both the Arab Oil Industry and the Green Energy movements.

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