Friday, June 25, 2010

Watching the World Burn

So yeah, I've been busy this month on here, as I think this marks the eight post in one month. Weird, because I hadn't really expected to keep posting this much, but a little down time and a lot of news makes for a busy Alchemist.

So to start off, I'm taking a second look at McChrystal, who it seems resigned (though it still amounts to being fired when everything is said) and people starting to climb fences on how necessary it was that he lose his command. Personally, while I agree some level of reprimand was accorded for his blatant insubordination (though I suspect such things are common in the military at this point) there is some question as just how right he was with his comments. I personally don't know much of military life (as I see myself as a warrior and not a soldier, not that one is better than the other, they're just different) but I've always been struck that soldiers are loyal and pragmatic. They might complain about Meals Rejected by Ethiopians, but they don't seriously complain about command like McChrystal did unless there is a serious reason. I'm sure this is a debate that will rage for a few more weeks.

Next up is the issue of the President's leisure time. Apparently, according to the Washington Post, Obama is the president who plays the most golf out of all our presidents. Hmmm, why are people whining about the BP CEO going on one yacht race again? Hanging with rock stars, throwing parties, spending millions in taxpayer dollars to go around the country to talk about how great he is, meanwhile the Gulf Oil spill keeps going and BP can't do all the things it would like to solve the problem and the Gulf States are blocked at every turn from helping themselves, while international aid can't get in because Obama won't wave a tiny law (after downright shattering so many others.) Is it any wonder Louisiana called for a state wide day of prayer? It's not like they've got any other options. I hope that the gods take mercy on them, because the Federal Government won't.

And so the world burns. Thanks to the the anti-Isreali attitude that is spreading throughout the world, we see a monster in the West we thought died with the Nazi party. But like a cheap horror movie, it comes back, wearing a different face: in the form of children from Muslim countries hurled stones at dancing Jews and yelled "JEW OUT!" Supposedly this is the first instance in that city of anti-Semitic behavior that didn't come from Neo-Nazi peoples, but I honestly doubt that, because Neo-Nazis are mostly talk, especially in Germany.

Which leads well enough in to the next topic: Mannequins Without Boobs. Perhaps this is an odd topic for me, but it is the location of these boobless mannequins and how they lost said boobs; Tehran and by having them hacked and filed off. I know we are supposed to respect other peoples and their cultures, that we are not to feel that the West is superior to all others or that the deeds we have done have brought greater life and liberty to people in this humble little blue/green world. If you listen to some people, European peoples are responsible for more evil than has ever been committed. Yet, reading that article and so many others, I can't help but wonder if the old Victorian attitudes weren't just a little better, a little more right. When I can look at the worst slave owner in the American South from before the Civil War and see more humanity in him than the average Muslim. Am I supposed to believe that I as a heathen of European decent am equal, or even inferior, to the Muslim who burns his daughter's face with acid, joins a mob and gang rapes a woman because she isn't wearing a veil, who creates a government that rapes women before they kill them so that they will burn in Hell for eternity? My people brought forth Democracy, Equality, Sexual Freedom. Sure, my Viking forefathers did their share of rape along with the pillage, but they never went on misogynistic rampages where they abused and slaughtered women just for being women. They had wives, mothers, and daughters back home who knew just how much their Norse husbands, sons, and fathers loved and respected them. Most of the misogyny in the West can be traced to Christianity, but even then, I don't think it ever was so bad, even with the witch hunts, as daily life in the Muslim world. Yet it is the Muslim who is embraced by those who claim to champion racial and sexual freedom, despite Islam being the single most sexually repressive religion that kills women for the slightest offense and is more cruel to its slaves in this day and age than any European person in all the ages. We never sprayed acid in the face of little girl who want to go to school, or publicly stone women before cheering crowds for the simple crime of...what? Can you look me in the eyes and say that the people who do such things are equal to me? Can you say their way of life is worthy of respect and is superior to mine?

In Paris there is now a shelter for Bloggers on the run, who must hide in order to get their words out. Somehow, I doubt that they run from the Western powers, at least just yet. That day will most likely come soon enough.

As we watch the modern world burn, we look back and find the Hall of Harald Bluetooth, who gave his name to that tiny little headset. He claimed to Christianize the Norse, and maybe he did, but it didn't last. The Old Gods stir and in these troubled times we look to them to aid us in our fight to preserve the Western Way and the Asatru.

May the Western Flame never die.

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