Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simple Words From a Simple Man

I believe it is a Chinese curse to live in interesting times.

I'm not sure I see that as a curse, being a Norseman, but I will admit that interesting times these are. I'm not sure how I feel about them, either. It is a little known fact (outside of the Asatru and some parts of the historical community) that the Norse/Germanic peoples were not all about violence. More often than not, we lived simple lives with our kin, farming and trading, while occasionally going off to battle. Even today, the Scandinavian peoples are known as some of the most easy going and friendly peoples out there. I myself find that rather than global conquest, I would prefer a simple life as a writer and alchemist, practicing old ways with a wife and children, rather than laying waste to the world. Not that I don't occasionally feel the need for epic levels of warfare, but still, more often than not even I find peace to be something desirable.

Yet, peace too often these days, is a lie. The current presidential administration may declare the war on terror over, but even I can see that not only is it not over, but that it is escalating. The current project to build a massive Mosque at Ground Zero is a declaration of victory in any language. It is in Islam, and so is it in Christianity, which build churches on the ashes of sacred groves and other heathen holy sites. We are told to be tolerant, but there is a difference between letting one man bed another, and letting a totalitarian ideology insist that we bow before it and no other. I've had enough of that under the Christians, I do not wish to see it with the Muslims.

There is new light shed on claims that Obama is a Muslim. I still am not sure if this is true, or my stance on it as his being a Christian would hold much the same status to me as a Heathen. Still, his own words are I am a Muslim, and while many would call him an inept speaker of untruths, I would almost say he speaks honestly as he believes. I'm not sure which is more frightening. However, should this rumor be true, it places new light on the BP oil spill.

While the true cause of the oil spill is still uncertain, it's effects are less so. I am no expert on these things, nor have I researched it much, but I've heard (on Rush Limbaugh who I rarely if ever listen to) that even if the oil spills until late August, the scale of the spill will basically be one-one millionth of an ounce of oil to the amount of water in a full bathtub. I encourage you to check the math. However, indisputably, Obama has halted all oil drilling off shore in the Gulf. This means no more American oil, and thus a majority of Arab oil on the market. Once more sending massive amounts of funding to an ideology that seeks supremacy, not tolerance and freedom.

I know that Islam is not compatible with Asatru. Not because my religion would insist others follow our gods, but because Islam allows no one to follow any god other than their own. It is a matter of Western values of honor, freedom, and individuality opposing Eastern values of honor, submission, and collectivization. It is true that historically in the west, there were killings based on honor. However, in those cases it was always the guilty party, i.e. the Offender, who was slain. We fought duels and wars. When a man's wife or daughter was raped, he would hunt down the rapist and punish him. When in Islam there is an offense of honor, it is only the victim that is punished.

Perhaps I am a strange person. Perhaps I am ignorant, to not understand Islamic honor. Maybe it is a sin for a woman to wish to be free. To let her hair out in the wind, to flirt and find love, to know the pleasures of the flesh and of the heart. I am an uncultured heathen, perhaps it is beyond my simple mind to understand how slicing a girl's genitals up with broken glass or dull blade helps her to be a better person. Maybe my heathen gods and goddesses have clouded my mind to the point where a woman can walk around, displaying all the skin she wants, and not fear that I shall rape her. Perhaps Muslim men are superior to me, in that their lust is so great the smallest hint of a long hair, or soft skin, or beautiful smile is such that they cannot help themselves and must punish their women for causing lust, lest they rape them. Perhaps, in all my life, I have been wrong to think that a free people are a just people.


But I don't think so.

I have many gods and goddesses, none of which ask me to kneel in submission. They gave their children freedom and honor, true honor, to live lives that are happy and free. Where women can bare their beautiful bodies in safety and men may look upon them and praise the Gods for creating such wonders. Where we do not fear our lust, or our rage, or our joy. Where our children are safe from their parents, where you can love whom you chose and how you chose.

If a life such as that is ignorant and stupid, then I never want to be smart. I will be a simple man, who walks with simple gods and goddesses. I and I say woe unto the peoples that try to take that from me. For while we Norse are kindly folk...our legend remains even after a thousand years. Our gods are not just gods of fertility and nature...they are Gods of War. Islamic Jihad may be a fundamental tenant of their religion...but we are Norse and Germanic peoples. Look at the history of Europe. We know how to bring a fight and while our current leaders quibble and quake, bowing down and begging for peace and tolerance, there will come a time when those who seek to impose tyrant will have to face men and women rising up from the people by force of will, either from within the current political structure or from outside of it.

The Eastern philosophy of Christ and a Hundred odd years of progressive thought will not change the character of a people that has endured for over ten thousand years, from the first Germanic and Celtic tribes as well as the mighty Romans and high born Greeks. Be warned, a giant sleeps, and you have not the god to kill it should it awaken.

Such are the words and will of a simple heathen.

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