Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the Second Class

The News jumps today, it seems. I honestly thought that the BP thing was going to be the biggest thing today and that it would suffice as my post until something interesting came along, probably in a couple of days or next week. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was the last post of the month, a record breaking 9 posts in a single month. But it seems the Gods and Wyrd have other plans.

I'm a person who advocates freedom and equality, based on my ancestral beliefs and the traditions of Western Europe and the Scandinavian/Germanic/Celtic/Greek/Roman peoples of that land. Indeed, I'm almost close to an anarchist in that sense, as I despise anything that gets in the way of freedom. As is the way of Asatru, I look beyond the color of a man's skin and look to the deeds of his hands and words of his mouth.

Sadly, it looks like the Government is working to suppress freedom based on race. Not against black people, the historical target of racial supression (ignoring of course, the Irish, Italians, Scandinavians, Poles, Germans, Scottish, Greeks, and numerous other light skinned ethnics that were, you know, suppressed and racially discriminated against). Nope, the Obama Admin has struck a blow in the name of justice! He and his followers have raised a mighty hand! Down with Whitey!

But Mr. Alchemist, surely you jest! Obama promised us a post-racial world! An age of peace and prosperity! You white racist bastard!

Well, as the old joke goes, don't call me Shirley. Thanks to Fox busting out an interview with former DOJ attorney Adams, we learn that the Obama DOJ is not willing to finish cases it has already won. The issue of the New Black Panther Party's intimidation of voters during the last presidential election has be tossed out. And, if Adams is to be believed (and I see no reason at this point why he shouldn't be) the Admin has set forth that no other such cases shall be brought forth. In other words, Black can now freely intimidate whites in politics and get away with it.

Hard to believe as this is, I never dealt with racism growing up. Perhaps my life was sheltered, but my first experience with Racism was in a Civil Rights History class and it didn't come from the white kids. It came from the black ones, who would treat me as if it was my fault for all the suffering blacks had endured. I was willing to question everything, both on the white and black sides, to see the reasons behind everyone's actions. I am an alchemist, it is my nature, but I got a lot of hate for questioning if whites had a point, or at least a justification, and daring to question the actions of any black person in that time. When we watched a video of a KKK member giving a speech, and I remarked that while I didn't agree with him, he did come across as rational and having some skill at speaking (in addition to being respectably dressed) I half expected several large black girls to jump at me and attempt bodily harm. Before that class I never had a racist thought, after, I have sometimes begun to wonder. Yet I still believe that people should be equal.

So, who are these New Black Panther Party people? Well, thanks to an article I found a few videos: One from National Geographic and the other from Beck before he was on Fox where he talks about Black Nationalism and Black Liberation Theology. At one point in the Beck video, the man he's interviewing (a leading member of the NBPP) talks about Black people needing/wanting to reclaim themselves from white supremacy in ideology and religion and throw off the White Jesus and responds to calls by believers of BLT calling for God to kill the white people. I can sympathize with this man in his wish to throw of "White God" but I must correct him. "God" and "Jesus" aren't white. Not even close. They Are JEWISH! Jesus was a Jew! You wanna throw of a "white" God, talk about Thor, Odin, Tyr, Zues, or any of the other European Gods. Oh, wait, they didn't oppress you, they were oppressed by a JEWISH GOD. I can feel for the desire to throw off a God forced upon you by another people, as that is what me and every other Asatruar is trying to do every day. But Don't go hating White for it. You want black gods, look to Africa. The NBPP, according to research, wants reparations for slavery (ignoring that most whites never owned slaves, even in the South) as well as they're own area to build a Black Nation. Kinda reminds me of the Aztec re-constructionists McNallen has talked about that wanna take over territory and slaughter all the White Europeans in that area (guess you gotta get sacrifices from somewhere).

The case, one of the most clear cut intimidation cases seen by people on both the left and right, was dropped all because of Race. There is no other explanation. "You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker!" is a direct quote form one of the NBPP members who was keeping people from voting. the NBPP is listed as a radical hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group which has repeatedly declared Asatru to be an ideology of hate and has repeatedly listed other groups that are for keeping legal immigration and deporting illegals as hate groups. If a racist group run by blacks says that a black groups is racist...then that group (the NBPP) must be pretty racist.

Growing up, I thought America was a great place. A place of equality of opportunity, where every man or woman was free to follow their own path and destiny. Where it didn't matter the color of your skin. But as I grow older, I have come to find that the dream that was is no longer. Obama and company belong to an ideology that hates people based on race and actions taken long before I was born. The world seems filled with people who wish to slaughter each other based on religion and race and ideology. For all our progress, we are more backwards when it comes to the simplest things. Each day I see the truest fulfillment of the Monotheistic religion of Christianity, even as Islam rises in the East. Obama slaps old allies in the face and bows before people who would be our masters. How long before we are made slaves of freemen? How long before all the gifts of our European forefathers are lost? We believed in equality, we did our best to bring it forth for all peoples, and how have we been thanked? Judge that for yourselves.

I'm not a racist. I don't want to be a racist. I would like nothing better than for peoples to live in harmony, to have a simple life, to do as I please, and know that my kin are safe and our ways are respected. However, I'm sensing a lot of respect out there and I don't like where things are going.

They Want to be on a Boat, MF

So, we are now at day 72 of the BP Oil Disaster. Were it not for the fact that I slept late and boredly turned on the TV, I would not have found CNN ripping BP a new one for planning to come out with more positive views and stories about the Oil Spill that BP feels aren't being told by MSM or NMSM. Perhaps BP made a mistake by listing CNN by name as one of the groups that is spreading nothing but negative info, because CNN responded by trotting out attacks and people claiming no one believes anything BP says. The Facebook Boycott BP page is growing, ironically not realizing that if BP looses all its money, they won't be able to fix the leak. Personally I admire BP and the way it's handling the situation. From what I can learn, they are working as serious disadvantages, most of which come from federal regulation, and they decided to put all their efforts into containing and fixing the problem rather than fighting a public opinion battle. I think this was the right choice.

Made at the wrong time.

Under Bush, fool that some think him to be, BP could have done precisely as they are and gotten all the help they could, not just from the Government, but from all those little international sources that are floating out there begging the current President Obama is keeping at bay. They wouldn't have to face the massive character assassinations that the Obama Administration is hurling at them, along with its MSM buddies, who insist this is the fault of BP.

And we still don't know what caused the leak!

But in the face of several other oil and gas "leaks" appearing in a couple of other places around the US (for which I haven't heard any explanations for either) one might be drawn to the theory that all this "poisoning" has certainly helped both the Arab Oil Industry and the Green Energy movements.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Watching the World Burn

So yeah, I've been busy this month on here, as I think this marks the eight post in one month. Weird, because I hadn't really expected to keep posting this much, but a little down time and a lot of news makes for a busy Alchemist.

So to start off, I'm taking a second look at McChrystal, who it seems resigned (though it still amounts to being fired when everything is said) and people starting to climb fences on how necessary it was that he lose his command. Personally, while I agree some level of reprimand was accorded for his blatant insubordination (though I suspect such things are common in the military at this point) there is some question as just how right he was with his comments. I personally don't know much of military life (as I see myself as a warrior and not a soldier, not that one is better than the other, they're just different) but I've always been struck that soldiers are loyal and pragmatic. They might complain about Meals Rejected by Ethiopians, but they don't seriously complain about command like McChrystal did unless there is a serious reason. I'm sure this is a debate that will rage for a few more weeks.

Next up is the issue of the President's leisure time. Apparently, according to the Washington Post, Obama is the president who plays the most golf out of all our presidents. Hmmm, why are people whining about the BP CEO going on one yacht race again? Hanging with rock stars, throwing parties, spending millions in taxpayer dollars to go around the country to talk about how great he is, meanwhile the Gulf Oil spill keeps going and BP can't do all the things it would like to solve the problem and the Gulf States are blocked at every turn from helping themselves, while international aid can't get in because Obama won't wave a tiny law (after downright shattering so many others.) Is it any wonder Louisiana called for a state wide day of prayer? It's not like they've got any other options. I hope that the gods take mercy on them, because the Federal Government won't.

And so the world burns. Thanks to the the anti-Isreali attitude that is spreading throughout the world, we see a monster in the West we thought died with the Nazi party. But like a cheap horror movie, it comes back, wearing a different face: in the form of children from Muslim countries hurled stones at dancing Jews and yelled "JEW OUT!" Supposedly this is the first instance in that city of anti-Semitic behavior that didn't come from Neo-Nazi peoples, but I honestly doubt that, because Neo-Nazis are mostly talk, especially in Germany.

Which leads well enough in to the next topic: Mannequins Without Boobs. Perhaps this is an odd topic for me, but it is the location of these boobless mannequins and how they lost said boobs; Tehran and by having them hacked and filed off. I know we are supposed to respect other peoples and their cultures, that we are not to feel that the West is superior to all others or that the deeds we have done have brought greater life and liberty to people in this humble little blue/green world. If you listen to some people, European peoples are responsible for more evil than has ever been committed. Yet, reading that article and so many others, I can't help but wonder if the old Victorian attitudes weren't just a little better, a little more right. When I can look at the worst slave owner in the American South from before the Civil War and see more humanity in him than the average Muslim. Am I supposed to believe that I as a heathen of European decent am equal, or even inferior, to the Muslim who burns his daughter's face with acid, joins a mob and gang rapes a woman because she isn't wearing a veil, who creates a government that rapes women before they kill them so that they will burn in Hell for eternity? My people brought forth Democracy, Equality, Sexual Freedom. Sure, my Viking forefathers did their share of rape along with the pillage, but they never went on misogynistic rampages where they abused and slaughtered women just for being women. They had wives, mothers, and daughters back home who knew just how much their Norse husbands, sons, and fathers loved and respected them. Most of the misogyny in the West can be traced to Christianity, but even then, I don't think it ever was so bad, even with the witch hunts, as daily life in the Muslim world. Yet it is the Muslim who is embraced by those who claim to champion racial and sexual freedom, despite Islam being the single most sexually repressive religion that kills women for the slightest offense and is more cruel to its slaves in this day and age than any European person in all the ages. We never sprayed acid in the face of little girl who want to go to school, or publicly stone women before cheering crowds for the simple crime of...what? Can you look me in the eyes and say that the people who do such things are equal to me? Can you say their way of life is worthy of respect and is superior to mine?

In Paris there is now a shelter for Bloggers on the run, who must hide in order to get their words out. Somehow, I doubt that they run from the Western powers, at least just yet. That day will most likely come soon enough.

As we watch the modern world burn, we look back and find the Hall of Harald Bluetooth, who gave his name to that tiny little headset. He claimed to Christianize the Norse, and maybe he did, but it didn't last. The Old Gods stir and in these troubled times we look to them to aid us in our fight to preserve the Western Way and the Asatru.

May the Western Flame never die.

Travel Guide for a Westerner

The following is a little letter floating through German Blogs and snatched from Gates of Vienna:

Want to really experience something? Have a real adventure? Then get ready for a journey you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.

So: Travel illegally to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, or Syria. Don’t worry about visas, international laws, immigration regulations or other silly rules.

As soon as you have arrived, demand that the local authorities provide you and your family with free medical care.

Insist that all employees of the health agencies speak your language of choice -- German, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, English, Polish -- and that the clinics where you may be admitted prepare food for you just as you have it at home, in Germany, Greece, Spain, Hungary, USA, Poland.

Insist that all forms, questionnaires, and documents be translated into your language.

Reject any criticism of your attitude by stating emphatically: “That has to do with my culture and religion. You understand nothing about it.”

Categorically maintain your original identity. Hang the flag of your Western country in your window. (And don’t forget a bumper sticker for your car.)

Make sure that you speak only your own language at home and that your children do the same.

Demand uncompromisingly that Western culture be taught at music schools.

Make an immediate and unconditional demand for a driver’s license, a residence permit and whatever other paperwork may occur to you.

Regard the possession of these documents as justification of your illegal presence in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey or Syria.

Let no one discriminate against you. Stand on your legal rights. Demand a child-care allowance.

Drive without insurance. Only the natives need that.

Organize protest marches against your host country and its residents. Support violence without exception against non-whites, non-Christians, and the government that allowed you to enter the country.

Insist that your wife (or wives, even if you have meanwhile acquired four of them) wear neither a veil nor a burka.


All this is possible in the West, because we are governed by different people… I almost said, politically correct idiots.

If you agree with all this, pass this text on.

If not, pack your bags, leave your homeland and find out whether you are welcome under the above-described conditions in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt…

And please, tell me about your impressions.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Times, They are a Changing

The world is loathe to stand still, even for a moment, even though I'm sure more people than not would be happier if it did in these Wolf days of turmoil. I personally am not as surprised as I once was at the rate things happen. Events that in the past would have taken years now occur in days. So fast do things go that it boggles the mind that those who call themselves our leaders have time to adapt and deal with them. Maybe the problems we have today are because they can't.

To begin my post, I shall look to a letter by John Voight. While I do not agree with everything he says in the letter, he hits the main points and though he is more Christian than I like, his heart is in the right place, if not his faith. Obama has wronged the Jews and Israelis, who are indeed the only free and democratic people in the Middle East and a beacon of tolerance for more alternative lifestyles than their Muslim neighbors. I stand with the Israelis, as a member of a group who seeks to reclaim our ancient ways and lands.

Secondly, there is the issue of the past repeating itself. A small city in Nebraska joins the state of Arizona in stepping up on the immigration issue by banning the hiring of or renting property to illegal immigrants. I can only imagine the storm headed their way, but I say, more power to them. Following the path, or tru, of the Norse god Tyr, the law is the law, and must be upheld for the benefit of all men as long as it is not a tyranny against them. I'm sure there are many who argue that banning illegals is tyranny, but as there are legal ways for them to come here and thus not tyranny. What this has done, however, in the face of the Federal Government stepping in to stop such laws and thus overriding the rights of sovereign states. Just such actions are what sparked the Civil War, and already there are many calling for secession again. I do hope that such things do not lead to war, but if it does, I know which side I will probably take.

Also in the news over the weekend was the blasting of the BP CEO of going on a yacht race during the oil crisis. Leading the charge was the White House, who seems to have neglected mentioning the numerous private parties, concerts, and romantic trips taken by the Obama family during the entirety of the Oil Spill. Good job to all of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc, for, you know, pointing that out. Way to step up to the plate and do your job of reporting all the news and calling bullshit on people.

Also from the Obama front, news of his latest nominee's potential supporter of Shariah law in America may throw a snag in her appointment. I can only hope so, because there is no room for freedom in tyranny, and frankly there is little in this world that is as Tyrannical as Shariah law. But, this is the same White House that just fired a General after a thirty minute meeting because he made disparaging remarks about the Administration. Who cares if there might be a point to these remarks?

So this is what we face these days.

As a side note, this post means I've reached a new record of posts in a month. How long the record lasts, I don't know. Depends on what all happens that catches my attention.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Days of Historical Future

In my study of the Asatru, as well as medieval history in general, I am constantly amazed at just how similar things are at the start of this millennium as they were to the turn of the last. Indeed, from the struggle of a tiny Norse Pagan religion to survive, the constant clash between the titans of monotheism: Christianity and Islam, to the questions of if Catholic Priests should be subject only to clerical law or secular law. We live in an era where the politicians rule like the Kings and Nobility of the Middle Ages, wielding vast power and constantly seeking more, ignoring the voices of the people the trod upon. We live in a time where those little people struggle for the freedoms and rights their ancestors held centuries ago, yet are currently being stripped away. No, rulers in the West no longer claim Divine Right, but in the case of Obama and much of the Left end of politics, there is an equivalent attitude. Indeed, one could argue that the messianic portrayal Obama got from his supporters almost sings of Divine Right to power, and for a president that promised transparency and righteous action, there has been very little of either. He acts more like King John of England, that Abraham Lincoln.

There were many problems with George W. Bush. Problems that will only come to light in the future. He made mistakes that will haunt us, but they were perhaps honest mistakes made by a man who was fighting a foe never truly before seen in the West and driven to finish what his father had started. Honest would have been a better policy, but such is the past and we must leave it there even as we learn it. Yet, the wise man knows that there are lessons to be learned from the past, to make a better future, not use it as a springboard.

Someone seems to have for gotten to tell Obama this.

I only learned of this today, yet it so shocked me that I had to write of it instantly. Obama seeks to legalize and create a Preventative Detention program. This is not simply something to make schoolyard bullies get separated from the other kids before they pick on them, oh no. No, this is something far, far worse. In the name of preventing the deaths of Americans, the government would have the power to seize, imprison, and hold indefinitely, any person deemed to be a threat. While Obama says this would be used only on terrorists, we already can see the definition of terrorist changing from an Islamic radical who kills in the name of Allah to anyone that uses methods and holds attitudes counter to the Will of the administration.

Here is the article that details a bit about this proposed move.

And here is a video by Rachel Maddow. I never watch her show, finding her too pretentious and liberal for my general tastes, but for once she strikes well and true.

I cannot begin to say how much of a violation of US Constitution and Law this action would be. I cannot even say how badly a violation of Human Rights it is. What I can say is that the only governments I have ever heard of having this power are in the Modern world were Totalitarian Dictatorships that slaughtered millions. And while some may say it is only to fight terrorists,I ask you this: Who is a Terrorist? Is it Islamic Radicals? Tea Party members? Who? The answer is that it can be anyone who stands counter to the people in power and are willing to consider, not use, but consider the use of violence to defend themselves and their beliefs!

Under Preventative Detention, the Government would be able to take anyone in the world, including citizens of the US, detain them, without trial or due process, and hold them until either the War on Terror was over or until that person died. Wars were waged to keep this from happening. Long ago, Kings had this power and men fought to take it away.

They faced this same imprisonment for resisting that Obama is now suggesting be made legal and given to him to use.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simple Words From a Simple Man

I believe it is a Chinese curse to live in interesting times.

I'm not sure I see that as a curse, being a Norseman, but I will admit that interesting times these are. I'm not sure how I feel about them, either. It is a little known fact (outside of the Asatru and some parts of the historical community) that the Norse/Germanic peoples were not all about violence. More often than not, we lived simple lives with our kin, farming and trading, while occasionally going off to battle. Even today, the Scandinavian peoples are known as some of the most easy going and friendly peoples out there. I myself find that rather than global conquest, I would prefer a simple life as a writer and alchemist, practicing old ways with a wife and children, rather than laying waste to the world. Not that I don't occasionally feel the need for epic levels of warfare, but still, more often than not even I find peace to be something desirable.

Yet, peace too often these days, is a lie. The current presidential administration may declare the war on terror over, but even I can see that not only is it not over, but that it is escalating. The current project to build a massive Mosque at Ground Zero is a declaration of victory in any language. It is in Islam, and so is it in Christianity, which build churches on the ashes of sacred groves and other heathen holy sites. We are told to be tolerant, but there is a difference between letting one man bed another, and letting a totalitarian ideology insist that we bow before it and no other. I've had enough of that under the Christians, I do not wish to see it with the Muslims.

There is new light shed on claims that Obama is a Muslim. I still am not sure if this is true, or my stance on it as his being a Christian would hold much the same status to me as a Heathen. Still, his own words are I am a Muslim, and while many would call him an inept speaker of untruths, I would almost say he speaks honestly as he believes. I'm not sure which is more frightening. However, should this rumor be true, it places new light on the BP oil spill.

While the true cause of the oil spill is still uncertain, it's effects are less so. I am no expert on these things, nor have I researched it much, but I've heard (on Rush Limbaugh who I rarely if ever listen to) that even if the oil spills until late August, the scale of the spill will basically be one-one millionth of an ounce of oil to the amount of water in a full bathtub. I encourage you to check the math. However, indisputably, Obama has halted all oil drilling off shore in the Gulf. This means no more American oil, and thus a majority of Arab oil on the market. Once more sending massive amounts of funding to an ideology that seeks supremacy, not tolerance and freedom.

I know that Islam is not compatible with Asatru. Not because my religion would insist others follow our gods, but because Islam allows no one to follow any god other than their own. It is a matter of Western values of honor, freedom, and individuality opposing Eastern values of honor, submission, and collectivization. It is true that historically in the west, there were killings based on honor. However, in those cases it was always the guilty party, i.e. the Offender, who was slain. We fought duels and wars. When a man's wife or daughter was raped, he would hunt down the rapist and punish him. When in Islam there is an offense of honor, it is only the victim that is punished.

Perhaps I am a strange person. Perhaps I am ignorant, to not understand Islamic honor. Maybe it is a sin for a woman to wish to be free. To let her hair out in the wind, to flirt and find love, to know the pleasures of the flesh and of the heart. I am an uncultured heathen, perhaps it is beyond my simple mind to understand how slicing a girl's genitals up with broken glass or dull blade helps her to be a better person. Maybe my heathen gods and goddesses have clouded my mind to the point where a woman can walk around, displaying all the skin she wants, and not fear that I shall rape her. Perhaps Muslim men are superior to me, in that their lust is so great the smallest hint of a long hair, or soft skin, or beautiful smile is such that they cannot help themselves and must punish their women for causing lust, lest they rape them. Perhaps, in all my life, I have been wrong to think that a free people are a just people.


But I don't think so.

I have many gods and goddesses, none of which ask me to kneel in submission. They gave their children freedom and honor, true honor, to live lives that are happy and free. Where women can bare their beautiful bodies in safety and men may look upon them and praise the Gods for creating such wonders. Where we do not fear our lust, or our rage, or our joy. Where our children are safe from their parents, where you can love whom you chose and how you chose.

If a life such as that is ignorant and stupid, then I never want to be smart. I will be a simple man, who walks with simple gods and goddesses. I and I say woe unto the peoples that try to take that from me. For while we Norse are kindly folk...our legend remains even after a thousand years. Our gods are not just gods of fertility and nature...they are Gods of War. Islamic Jihad may be a fundamental tenant of their religion...but we are Norse and Germanic peoples. Look at the history of Europe. We know how to bring a fight and while our current leaders quibble and quake, bowing down and begging for peace and tolerance, there will come a time when those who seek to impose tyrant will have to face men and women rising up from the people by force of will, either from within the current political structure or from outside of it.

The Eastern philosophy of Christ and a Hundred odd years of progressive thought will not change the character of a people that has endured for over ten thousand years, from the first Germanic and Celtic tribes as well as the mighty Romans and high born Greeks. Be warned, a giant sleeps, and you have not the god to kill it should it awaken.

Such are the words and will of a simple heathen.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food for Thought: Jews, Antisemitism, and The West

I made this comment after reading an article at Gates of Vienna, which has sparked a bit of controversy about Jewish people and the nature of Antisemitism and how it is used. While my comment stands for itself, I think it would be helpful to read all the comments that came before for a fuller picture.


It must be said that there are many interesting points and I doubt anyone here is entirely right or wrong.

As a person who walks Asatru, I am willing to admit that I have benefited from "multiculturalism" weakening the Tyrannical hold of Christianity almost as much as I have suffered for its constant attacks against peoples of European decent. In some ways it is the ultimate irony, that the very thing that destroys the West is the same thing that permits me to rediscover and live the original Western way. However, I feel that the best way for us to continue is to follow the path of the founding fathers: i.e. the path of Freedom, rather than Tolerance. Tolerance means that the bigger power lets the lesser do as it pleases, rather than all powers living in the freedom to do as they please so long as it doesn't impose upon the rights of another.

That said, I do agree that there are interests special to the Jews. To be honest, it is so for all people and groups and this makes them no more good or evil than any other. People here have made very good arguments as to why some Jews act the way they do. It is true that the religion of the Jews does lend itself to taking the Liberal side of things. However, one must remember the history of the Jews at the hands of both Christians and Muslims, and I personally recognize that it is almost as terrible as what happened to followers of Pagan/Heathen religions at the hands of Monotheists. I'm not saying they were to blame or were blameless.

If it is true that some or most of the liberal Jews are working to destroy the so called "Christian West" (an idea I find laughable since Christianity is an Eastern Religion) I would surmise that their desire to destroy Christianity is the same reason Islam and Christianity have historically tried to destroy all non-believers: the problem with having One God, who has One Chosen People, each who has The One Correct Way, is that any other religions are a threat to their claims of religious supremacy. And, be they Jews, Christians, or Muslims, those monotheistic, Abrahamic religions have always claimed divine supremacy. If the Jews seek to destroy the West, it is because it threatens the belief/concept that they are the Chosen People of the One God. The fact that they've not had the numbers to really do anything about it matters little. The Bible has many stories of the Jews/Original Israelite people commuting genocide against Polytheistic nations.

But that is just my personal opinion. I've studied a fair bit of history, and I've seen the patterns taken by those who worship the One God. The Jews, like every other race, wishes to survive and thrive and as a whole will attempt to preserve its life and power, even if it means sacrificing the well being of someone else. Doesn't make them any better or worse than the rest of us, however much they (like every other group) feels like they are superior.

I leave these words as food for thought.

Friday, June 4, 2010

O 4 teh luv of Odin

So, there are many interesting things I could write about. The situation with the Israelis taking over those "aid" ships still spins further news. The Mosque being put up next to the remains of the Twin Towers, a clear sign of Islam saying "we've won" if ever the was one. Heck, I could even talk about the weather and Global Warming (which sometimes means Global Cooling).

But rather I shall speak on the spelling of words.

Spelling is hard. I know it, you know it, and if it wasn't for spellchecker my posts probably would be unreadable to someone who hasn't worked in old and middle English and learned to guess the phonetics of a scribbled word. That, or someone who has read a great deal of fanfiction. But still, the difficulty of the words is needed and has evolved over centuries of use.

But that doesn't seem to matter to some people:

Enuf is enuf.

For those who don't want to read the linked article, I shall summarize. Basically, people were protesting a spelling bee because they fell that some words are too hard to spell and the intricacies of the written English word need to be simplified.

Right. Let's just butcher the gift of our ancestors, a thing they worked centuries to perfect and we spend years to learn, just because some people have problems. That's like saying let's make tests easier so kids don't fail. It's like saying that our written word, with its sacred power, isn't worth having. One will notice that there is no call to make the Arab written word easier to use, or the Japanese or Chinese kanji system, which makes the phonetic cacophony we have in Europe and America look like child's play. Draw your own conclusions.

Making things easier doesn't really help people. In a psychology class I was in we talked about whether it was better for people to attempt what was reasonable or unreasonable, an example being a someone wanting to become an accountant or an astronaut. My teacher, and others held that it was better to try and become something that had a higher probability of success. I on the other hand held that it was better to aim at the more impossible dream. A kid who wants to be an astronaut and goes for it might not reach his dream, but he could still get very far and be something like a jet fighter pilot or actually get into NASA.

The man who seeks to become a god, may actually become a king on the way.

Odin spent nine days hanging from a tree to gain the magic runes that formed the Norse written language. Who knows how much sacrifice was made to bring us our own written word. Don't throw it away just because a few fail to measure up.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cry Havoc

So, I'm guessing most people have heard about the whole Israel sending in commandos to take control of those Free Gaza ships, which were attempting to get in past a blockade to "give aid." Presumable, people are choosing their sides, if they haven't already. I've heard all manner of things being thrown around, most of it anti-Israeli in the media and a mixture on the net. Second hand sources say the anti-Israeli stuff on the net borders on levels not seen since Nazi Germany.

So, what does this have to do with me? Not all that much, or so it would seem. As a heathen this strikes me as yet another instance of either anti-semitism, infighting between Monothiests, namely the State of Israel and a bunch of people who apparently have ties to Islamic terrorist organizations. (more on that can be seen at Gates of Vienna, which goes into it far better than I can).

But I feel this does effect those of us who are pagan/heathen and far away from the shores of Israel. I've stated before that Islam has little love for Jews and Christians and outright suicidal hate for polytheists. And, as ruthless as this sounds, the longer they have Israel to focus on, they won't be as active hunting us polytheists. But that won't last forever.

A more real threat is that as this is happening, Turkey (who seems to be a real backer of these "aid" ships) is severing ties with Israel and trying to draw NATO to their side in any actions taken against Israel. The other Islamic nations in the area seem to be gearing up for something, and I've read that Israel is prepping its troops for action on its borders. All this, while more ships have left Turkey to run the blockade to the Gaza Strip.

We've heard countless times that the Middle East is an explosive ready to blow. Still, I can't help but wonder if this won't end up being an Archduke Ferdinand.

Only time will tell. Pray to the Gods that we, the tiny minority of polytheists, will make it out okay.