Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Times, They are a Changing

The world is loathe to stand still, even for a moment, even though I'm sure more people than not would be happier if it did in these Wolf days of turmoil. I personally am not as surprised as I once was at the rate things happen. Events that in the past would have taken years now occur in days. So fast do things go that it boggles the mind that those who call themselves our leaders have time to adapt and deal with them. Maybe the problems we have today are because they can't.

To begin my post, I shall look to a letter by John Voight. While I do not agree with everything he says in the letter, he hits the main points and though he is more Christian than I like, his heart is in the right place, if not his faith. Obama has wronged the Jews and Israelis, who are indeed the only free and democratic people in the Middle East and a beacon of tolerance for more alternative lifestyles than their Muslim neighbors. I stand with the Israelis, as a member of a group who seeks to reclaim our ancient ways and lands.

Secondly, there is the issue of the past repeating itself. A small city in Nebraska joins the state of Arizona in stepping up on the immigration issue by banning the hiring of or renting property to illegal immigrants. I can only imagine the storm headed their way, but I say, more power to them. Following the path, or tru, of the Norse god Tyr, the law is the law, and must be upheld for the benefit of all men as long as it is not a tyranny against them. I'm sure there are many who argue that banning illegals is tyranny, but as there are legal ways for them to come here and thus not tyranny. What this has done, however, in the face of the Federal Government stepping in to stop such laws and thus overriding the rights of sovereign states. Just such actions are what sparked the Civil War, and already there are many calling for secession again. I do hope that such things do not lead to war, but if it does, I know which side I will probably take.

Also in the news over the weekend was the blasting of the BP CEO of going on a yacht race during the oil crisis. Leading the charge was the White House, who seems to have neglected mentioning the numerous private parties, concerts, and romantic trips taken by the Obama family during the entirety of the Oil Spill. Good job to all of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc, for, you know, pointing that out. Way to step up to the plate and do your job of reporting all the news and calling bullshit on people.

Also from the Obama front, news of his latest nominee's potential supporter of Shariah law in America may throw a snag in her appointment. I can only hope so, because there is no room for freedom in tyranny, and frankly there is little in this world that is as Tyrannical as Shariah law. But, this is the same White House that just fired a General after a thirty minute meeting because he made disparaging remarks about the Administration. Who cares if there might be a point to these remarks?

So this is what we face these days.

As a side note, this post means I've reached a new record of posts in a month. How long the record lasts, I don't know. Depends on what all happens that catches my attention.

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