Monday, January 11, 2010

Calling the Spirits

So, this is my first attempt at a blog. Never done it before, never really hung out on any either. Yet, like so many before me and more than a few after, I figured I'd give it a go. As for what I'm doing here: mostly just talking. Like everyone, I have opinions, though I hope that mine are a bit different from everyone else, and I'd like them to be heard. Many who come across this little piece of the web may not like them. That's fair, but I ask that you treat them with respect none the less. So, hopefully this will be fun, and maybe everyone, including me, will learn something. The search for Truths should never be limited to one person.
As for the name I picked, a Varth-Lokkur (also seen as Vard-Lokkur due to they way it is written in some places with a d that has a slash through the top branch and represents the TH sound, I merely went with the phonetic pronunciation) is a Norse/Viking/Scandinavian spirit caller or shaman. Not much is know about them, but others have stated that they would call spirits, create wards or magical protections, and that the term Varth-Lokkur could be another root-word for the term Warlock. Viska, according to an interwebz translator, means Wisdom, Knowledge, Philosophy, Sage, and Sapience.

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