Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let us Rise as Warrior in this New Age

My goals with this blog are mainly to speak about issues that interest me and to put forth my viewpoint. The original post explained the original name of this site, Varth Lokkur’s Wisdom, reflected this. However, as you may have noticed, I changed the name to Thorkell the Tall. My reasons for this, other than the obscurity of the term Varth Lokkur and my uncertainty as to its historical accuracy, is that I wanted to personalize this site, and myself. There is a blog, now defunct, call Charles Martel that was formed to discuss the issues of Islamification of the West. As I have researched into that issue, I grow more disturbed by what I see happening. It also inspired me to start something similar, but inherently different.

Thorkell the Tall was a Jomsviking Jarl during the reign of King Cnut the Great of Denmark. If you haven’t heard of him, I won’t be surprised, though both men appear in the excellent manga Vinland Saga.( ) Thorkell is portrayed to be a pagan, if not a very religious one, in the series and I suspect he was one in life as well, as the full Christianization of the Norse had not yet occurred. I chose the name because he struck me as a man worthy of respect and of great power.

Power, I feel, that is needed more than ever.

We are quickly becoming a nation, nay a world, without heroes or myths. No sooner does a celebrity or athlete achieve greatness and fame than they are dragged through the mud and defamed. Our culture teaches equality for everyone, but the problem with equality is that no one can rise above his fellow man. It is wrong to insist that because of a man’s skin he is superior or inferior. Society preaches this, but all I often see is the inverse of old systems. Perhaps it is the final, fullest transformation of the Christian philosophy appearing, devoid of god but filled with entitlement and reverse superiority, where the weak are the greatest, the meek hold the power, and the slave owns the master. The hero becomes the villain, and the villain the victim, and the victim is forgotten. I see it in murder cases on the news, where the police are vilified, the murder is decried as the “Victim of Society,” and the only thing you hear about the victim is that their dead. No matter how horrible their death was, or how long it took, or what was done to them, there’s always an excuse and cries of pity for their killer who fell through the cracks of society, who was discriminated against because of his skin color, as if this somehow justifies their act. And the police who arrest them, or patrol the streets, are the villains who perpetrate this evil society.

As a pagan, if not a very religious one, I look at this and wonder what the end result will be. Paganism is about balance, Order and Chaos, Love and Hate, War and Peace, each thing both opposite and the same, each one just as good, noble, honorable, and desirable as the other. But our world is all about an imbalance now. Love, don’t hate (except to hate those who think differently from the liberal, because it’s okay to hate white racists, and heterosexuals that think homosexuality is wrong, and Men because Women have been oppressed). Peace, not War (but it’s okay for others to wage war against us, because we are the evil West, that imperial demon that spread the ideas of equality, democracy, and freedom). Order, but not Chaos (but you can use it to strike against “racists,” “Homophobes,” and other “undesirable peoples” who embody the Western Way and fight the over regulation of society).

In the end, an imbalance cannot hold except by a fierce grip on the reins of power. This society will collapse and something will take its place. What will it look like? I don’t know, but I doubt it will be something pleasant, especially for the pagans.

If the powers that be, who strive against the traditional Scandinavian and Germanic values of Europe, win we may see something like Soviet Russia, but out of all the options I see I doubt it would last very long. A hundred years, at most, before the center fell out. Charismatic leaders die, and those that follow are too weak and things fall apart, or too strong and tear everything apart in their greed. Undoubtedly though, any form of religion will be crushed as bad for society, and European Paganism will fall faster that Christianity

We could see a resurgence in die hard Christianity; Catholic, Protestant, or both. If this happens, little will change in the long run, but in the short run we’ll see a backlash against the Liberal Left and those that stand with it, or simply stand against Christian values. What this means for Homosexuals I can’t say, though they’ll probably have it easiest since the can go back in the proverbial closet, and most will if their lives are on the line. Where I’m primarily concerned is for the Pagan and Heathen peoples, who will no doubt get labeled with the same brush we’ve always been: Devil worshipers who need to be cleansed from this earth in order to bring about God’s divine grace. It will most likely be a world bathed in blood. This will only grow as the Christians turn to face their long time enemy; Islam.

Should people like the blogger Charles Martel, or more properly the folks at Gates of Vienna are correct about the threat of Islam in the west (which I can attest to as a historian) and they succeed where Liberalism and Christianity fall, the end result will be the worst yet. With Liberalism and Christianity, we would see limited rights for those who belonged to the appropriate groups, but with Islam we would see an almost complete lack of rights for everyone. All the progress modern society has made would undoubtedly be lost in the initial fury of take over and power consolidation. Women, who can go topless on a beach and expect to be safe, or walk down the street with their hair in the wind and showing off their skin to everyone and not worry about being attacked, will either have to cover themselves as women do in the Arabia, or face rape and attack as they do in Sweden, from the men around them. Men, who may speak their minds and pray to whatever gods they wish, will be forced to kneel before Allah or die violently. The very things Women’s lib screams about will be true, and there will be no one who can protest. Everyone will lose their freedoms. The Pagan and Heathen will be hunted down and destroyed, our culture rubbed out of existence, and no hope of ever rediscovering our ancestral ways will be left to us or our children, should they even be born.

In the face of this almost insane future, where do we stand? What can we do, as Pagan, Heathen, Norse, Germanic, and Celt, do to protect our future, our children’s future, and the legacy of our ancestors? Is there any hope at all for the Asatru, Wiccan, and others?

There is one. It is a fool’s hope, a fool’s dream, of power and legacy and what might be a fight that will end only in our deaths and loss of everything we ever are, were, and could be.

We fight back.

Not with swords and guns, though I won’t rule out that in the end that might be our only recourse, but with information and without fear. If what I see as being most likely to happen is true, then we are already dead, but then we were dead the day we were born and as Pagan and Heathen we need not fear death. For the Asatru, the afterlife is known and we need not fear it. We, as Europeans, must reach out to our brothers and sisters and let them know the ways of their people. We must instill in ourselves and our children Pride, Strength, Power, and the will to use and guide themselves and others. If the patterns of Multiculturalism continue to the point where they wipe out everything European, we lose and Islam will take over. If Christianity wins, we lose, and will face another thousand years of witch hunts, Verdens, and death. If Islam wins, we’ll face even worse than we will with the Christians.

Only if we can obtain significant numbers do we stand a chance. I’m not advocating going door to door, being Odin’s Witnesses or anything like that. But we can print books, join together to produce movies and music that tell of our epic past and our potentially heroic future, that spread our ideas just as powerfully as any Conservative or Liberal organization. We must move outside of politics and political parties that exist. I know many Pagans are Liberal, and some are Conservative, but the ideals of paganism can be found in both parties, and ideas that are abhorrent to us can be found in both as well. We can start families that don’t buy into the 2.3 kids mentality. One of the ways hard core Christianity is going to have its chance in the future is because they breed like rabbits, the same with Islam. In any governance system, the ideology with the most bodies is the one that rules. We need bodies, to put it crudely, that believe men and women are both containers of sacred, ancient power. We must accept that there are gender roles, but that those they are old and viewed as misogynistic or misandric, once we realize the root of them, they explain how to use that sacred power within ourselves. Modern society places too much emphasis on who is on the front lines and forgets those in the back ground. They focused on the male soldier and said he got all the glory, as if he alone was responsible for winning, never thinking that for every man on the metaphysical and literal field of battle there was a woman, a family, back home supplying and supporting him who were far more important. The fighter jet might make the kills, but without the dozens of people in the hanger who keep it running, it is little more than scrap metal.

This is what we must realize. Without children (lots of them), and adult who join us in our heritage, Heathens and Pagans will be wiped out one more. Because, in a very real sense, there is a war going on over who will control this world. It has existence sense the dawn of time and will until the stars fall from the sky.
If it comes to it, we must be willing and capable of fighting on all levels. I would rather not see it be a last stand, but it if is, if we are truly facing the end of Europe and Paganism and the heritage and progress we’ve made because of it, I would rather die as the Three Hundred Spartans and my Viking ancestors, fighting to defend our very lives and heritage from Eastern Ways, than to kneel down, accept their terms, and lose my head.

McNallen of the AFA has a quote: “The Existence of My People Will Not Be Denied.

I would offer this one: “Victory or Valhalla.”

Thorkell the Tall

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