Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who I am...

Who I am…

I am a man. I was born this way and I will die this way.

I am straight. I take female lovers, because it is what I desire, despite social pressures and the ideas of other people.

I am a Heathen. I believe in many Gods and Goddesses who demand strength, honor, and nobility from me.

I am White. I come from Scandinavian and Germanic peoples and I feel no shame in this. I am no worse than any other person out there, nor are my people. We have done nothing that everyone else hasn’t done before.

I am Free. I have the Right to speak my mind, no matter how abhorrent others find my views. I have the Right to carry any weapon I desire, because I am a freeman and it is my birth right since old times. I have the right to Life, Liberty, and Property and these rights shall not be stripped from me without me rising up in protest.

I am filled with Pride. I know who I am and where I come from and no one, man or woman, god or slave, shall remove from me my past without first taking my life.

I will die for what I believe in, because there is more to life that living and there is more to death than dying.

I will not hesitate to live what I believe, because if I do any less, how can I say I believe it?

I do not kneel before monotheistic gods of slavery and submission. Their Eastern ways are not mine, for I am a man of the West.

I do not hate because of the color of a man’s skin. I am not superior because I am white. But neither am I lesser for it!

I am tired. I live each day watching my kin fall into the trap of believing they don’t deserve to be free, of believing that Western culture, European culture, Germanic culture, is bad and weak and evil and needs to be done away with in favor of African and Eastern ways. I am tired of the One God leading to One Way, One Government, One World.

I am Tired of being told that those who came before were less evolved than we are now, when the only thing I see having evolved is the ability to delude ourselves into think we are Progressing and that the world wants to be unified with us, when all they want is to see us submit, die off, and become slaves to their ways and lose our history, our stories, our peoples for the rest of time.

I am Tired of people living as if Life was the only thing out there. I am tired of people denying my gods, denying the meaning of our being, in favor of the secular, scientific, nihilistic dreams of men who dreamed of nothing by emptiness and obedience and meaninglessness.

I am tired of people screaming that violence is not the answer, that we shouldn’t fight back, even as wives, children, husbands, and kin are slaughtered, because to take life ourselves is to horrible and it is better to let ours be taken because we are worthless.

I am Tired. Of being told that my views are wrong. That I am inhuman. Simply because I look out for myself first, my family next, and my kin third and tell the rest of the world to screw off.

I am Tired, and I laugh. Because people scream that there are too many of us on this planet and instead of killing other peoples as is the custom of this world, they kill their unborn children, because it is better to kill one’s own people than to kill for them.

I am Tired, and I laugh. For the soldiers called baby killers by people who slaughter entire nations in the womb, unborn, without a chance to fight for life.

I am tired, and I laugh. Being told that because I am straight, I am homophobic, and therefore I must secretly desire to be gay. I laugh, for what need have I to fear mortal men and their sexuality.

I am Tired, and I laugh. Society raises itself on a pedestal made of sand which is being burned away. When did Peace become the norm simply because weak men grew sick of war? Did the Arab, the African, the Mexican, the Chinaman, or anyone else agree to lay down their arms simply because the elite of the Eastern West wanted to never see death again, knowing as they do that there is no hereafter, hinterwelt, or heaven. I have Valhalla, and do not fear my death.

I laugh. The world turns and the striving of the man who follows the Eastern way will fall to the man of the Eastern submission.

I laugh, for the Christ god has killed his followers, in the destruction of freedom, power, and self obtaining.

I laugh, and I weep. For I am a Heathen man, and my kin are Pagan, and the Asatru shall be strong, but everything ends and I foresee only the destruction of my peoples a second time, a final time, as the next form of the East rises up and lays us low in our graves, and all I can do is pray to the Gods and Goddesses that we die fighting as our ancestors did, taste that lost glory one last time, because I am not sure with so few in number that we can win against those who would see us gone.

I laugh, and weep. Tears of joy, for I know the end I choose, and even if I am wrong and there is nothing after, I lived and died in a manner that I can be proud of, regardless.

I weep, and rise up again. Let come the Christian, the Socialist, the Marxist, the Progressive, and the Muslim. Even the Gods will die, but even after Ragnorok there is life and so too will my peoples rise up one more. A hundred years, a thousand, a million, it matters not, because within my peoples are the blood of the free, the strong, the powerful. Make my people slaves, and we shall rise up and destroy our enslavers. We’ve done it again and again in history, the future will be little different.

I rise up, anew. I am filled with hope, for that which is built on slavery will falter. Only freedom is eternal, as long as we carry our sword in hand to ensure it. Let the Christian beat his sword into a plowshare and submit. Let the Muslim bring his War of Peace.

I am a man. I am a Norseman. I am a Warrior, and a Poet, and a Son of ancient peoples.

My existence will not be denied.

My people will not be denied.

My power will not be denied.

Our power will not be denied.

Our Gods will not be denied.

Our Goddesses will not be denied.

Our future will not be denied.

By sword, and gun, and pen, and magic, and everything within the human spirit, we shall rise anew. We shall be as we are, what we are, where ever we are. And not matter what, not death or slavery shall triumph over my people.

Rise up, my kin. Rise up my people. Throw off the Eastern God and his ways. Throw off the sickness of nihilism. Throw off the chains of believing that in order to be equal, you must be lesser than everyone. Look at thy flesh, look in thine own eyes.
Tell yourself you are worth something. Tell yourself that you can have pride. Ours is freedom, democracy, and equality of men and women. Not from a Christian god, but from the HEATHEN! It was our pagan forebears that gave us these! Do not let the Eastern peoples tell you that the West is Evil. We are Good! We have wrought forth so much that has aided mankind. It is the Western man that reached the Moon, because he dreamed not of serving masters of this earth, but of making his own place in the heavens.

Look to the East, and see how they are. They beat there women, enslaving them. We gave ours rights, and freedom. We spake unto them and called them equal unto us long before the Christ god came unto us. But under the Eastern way we too enslaved our women. Return now to the Pagan, and become free, and let women be women, as they were meant to be: feminine and equal and loved, not masculine, superior, and feared.

The West is Evil, yet it was we who first freed all slaves in our lands. We fought a war about it, but that was a war over who was to say when slaves were to go free, not that they shouldn’t. We killed our brothers, not just to free the slaves, but trying to make we didn’t become slaves to a massive government ourselves. Yet those who hate the West still possess their slaves and are slaves themselves in turn.

Will you stand with me?

Will you embrace your heritage, your ancestral Gods and Ways?

Will you throw off the oppression of those who think themselves more evolved,
because they are cut down by the sword rather than doing the cutting?

Will you stand with me?

I shall I stand alone and take all glory and honor for myself and alone be able to face our ancestors and say: “Behold my mighty deeds. I have lived as you lived and died as you died, a Freeman or my peoples.”

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