Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Islam comes knocking again

Well, back again, though I'm not sure its to anyone's regret. I found the stats thing on Blogger and well...I'm not that popular. Apparently screaming heathen insults at the world doesn't get you that much attention. But oh well, such is life.

But back to the important, or at least interesting things of life.

First off, people may remember my post, or more famously the numerous others by more famous people, about Draw Mohammad Day. Well, Facebook caved like a B**** in front of her pimp when various Muslim groups started howling about "Blasphemy" and took down the facebook group page for people engaged in said drawing. Apparently, that wasn't enough to appease bloodthirsty dogmatic what can't stand an image of their prophet. Now, calls for the Founder of Facebook to be executed under Islamic law have been brought forth, as well as legal proceedings to make it happen. Congrats, man, you folded and now they put you on the chopping block.

But do not worry, oh Founder of Facebook, for you are not alone! Indeed, there are many members of the the Muslim murder manifesto! Some may have heard of this, but a woman is scheduled to be killed at anytime for the crime of adultery. Of course, it's not like she was caught in the act. Nope, her confession was extracted via 99 lashes while her son looked on. He is currently pleading for mercy on her behalf. Somehow though, even if she is spared the Government's blade, she will not be spared her family's. She would be a victim of Honor Killing.

Fortunantly, another young woman has escaped an attempted honor killing. Afshan Azad, better known to the world as Padma Patil in the Harry Potter movies, was threatened with death and physically attacked in the name of Islamic Honor by her father and brothers. She is hidden away, hopefully in safety. Supposedly, she regrets reporting the threats, but this appears to be a lie told by the attorney representing her Father and Brothers. Currently, her Father and Brothers are out on bail. Afshan's crime? Going out with a Hindu man.

But this is the religious ideology that has led to the windows of a swimming pool being frosted over in order to Protected the Modesty of Muslim Women. Completely against the Wishes of Non-Muslims. Modesty, my ass. I'm with the Ancient Greeks on this one, the human form in its perfect beauty is to be enjoyed, not hidden away.

But it's all okay! Islam is here to help us! Not like those nasty Jews! (And yes, I realize that with that sarcastic comment my heathen, Germanic/Scandinavian ass will be thrown in the fire). Islam is here to save us from the Racist Jews! And don't worry, everyone can join and get away with it!

And here I thought we got rid of anti-Semitic attitudes after WWII. Someday, I'm going to have to explore this topic, but not in this post.

And what does our leader, our messiah do, in the face of an ideology that slaughters women and children, practices rampant Antisemitism, kills polytheists on sight, and count's all peoples who are not members of their religion as second class beings, but not as people? Does he bring out a might sword and cleave them? Does he rain fire from the skies? Does he come forth to save the women killed for nothing more than being beautiful and wanting to embrace that beauty rather than hide it? Does he save the little children from the blades of holy men who kill or mutilate them?


Not just no, HELL NO!

I've seen more strength and damage and power in a CARE BEAR STARE!

WE are the nation that reached the MOON! It was our NASA that took us where no man had gone before! And now Obama wants NASA, an organization he has neutered and stripped of all Space Craft to the point where we must rely on Russians and Chinese to take us to space, to buddy up with MUSLIM NATIONS that have never succeeded in building more than a flying bomb, in order to make them feel special about what they have contributed to SCIENCE!!!!

But Norse Alchemist, surely you remember that it was the Arabs who gave us our numerals, Algebra, and preserved Alchemical texts.

First off, our Arabic Numerals actually came from India. That's right. All the Muslims did was transport them over on the trade routes. I've come lately to question other Scientific achievements Muslims have brought us as well. Why? Look at the technology levels in Muslim countries. They were like that, even before European Imperialists came into town. And Muslims were the ones who destroyed hundreds upon hundreds of Alchemical and Scientific texts when they burned down the Library at Alexandria.

People will likely say I'm Islamophobic. That I am a racist or something like that. I am not. Islamophobia means Fear of Islam. I do not fear Islam. I have reasons to, many of them. Subjugation of women, mass murder, suppression of alternative ideas, slaughter or forced conversion for Pagan peoples. The complete and utter destruction of things not Islamic. These are things to fear. But I do not fear Islam. I am a heathen, one who walks the Asatru, and while that means I have more to lose than most should Islam takes over, I do not fear. Not because my Gods will not let them win, but because the day of my death was fated long ago and I know where I will go when I'm dead. We need to stop Islam. We need to allow people to be free! Men and Women, equal in the eyes of the Gods and Goddesses, free to live their lives as they please! No more totalitarian monotheism, especially not Islam!

I do not fear Islam. But I will fight it. I will stand strong as a heathen, and make them remember, should they strike me, why Everyone the world over, especially the Christians, but even some Muslims, fear the craft of the Vikings to this day. My forefathers came from our frozen lands as Vikings in order to preserve their culture and religion, leaving behind so much beyond the two hundred years of their war. Now we, the sons and daughters of those Norse/Germanic people, must be ready to rise again, to hold sacred shield, and defend ourselves and our children.

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  1. Congrats, man [Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg], you folded and now they put you on the chopping block.

    This pretty much tells the whole story. Resist and the Muslims will kill you, surrender and the Muslims will kill you anyway. To quote an old saying: