Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea or Death?

So, a few bits of news to put up today, one of which I'm really happy about and the other that is frankly terrifying.

So, I'll start with the good news, because I'm not sure what long reaching effect it will have, though I do hope it goes as I would like it too. Namely, a growing number of Christian Leaders and their churches are joining President Obama in the "Progressive" movement to declare the Tea-Party "Unchristian."

If you are of a heathen, pagan, or non-monotheistic mindset, you may now join me in the laughter. For those who don't know why they should be laughing, permit me to explain.

When I look at the Progressive movement, socialism, communism, fascism, and so on, I do see the pinnacle of Christian Ideology. All they've done is replace God with Government (so instead of God will provide it is now Government will provide, or Vengeance is God's it is now Vengeance is the Government's, etc). Charity went from being a divine mandate to being a governmental mandate on behavior. Instead of One Nation under God, it has become One Nation under Government. The basic fundamentals, such as the weak, poor, and disenfranchised taking supremacy over the Strong, "Wealthy", and Empowered, remains a staple of this Progressive Ideology. At it's heart, I count Progressivism as very, very Christian.

As I have studied Heathenism/Asatru, and learned of the greater contributions given by our Scandinavian/Germanic ancestors both in books about my religion and in purely historical works, I have come to realize just how many ideals embraced today by Independents, Libertarians, and Conservatives draw on the ancient traditions of pre-Christian Europe. When I look at what the tea party calls for: Democracy, Lower Taxes, Smaller Government, Freedom of the People to Live As They See Fit, and so on, I see the ancient Heathen and Pagan ways of European peoples from before the Age of Christendom. While many in the Tea Party may believe in Christ (Glenn Beck being a very vocal member of the "Return to Christianity" group inside the Tea Party) that doesn't alter that the fundamental values of the Tea Party are Heathen.

So what do I think will happen with the wide-spread declaration that the Tea Party isn't "Christian"? Well, two things. The Tea Party might lose a few members who can't stand to see themselves as anything less that "True Christians." Honestly, I will account that no great loss, even if I'm not really a member of the Tea Party (mostly because I see too many 'old dogs' trying to manipulate and corrupt it to their own ends). What I hope will also happen is that more people will start to look at the Tea Party in a new light. It isn't racist, a theory that has been pretty much slaughters like an offering to the Gods. I think one of the things that has hindered more people from joining it, myself included, is that it is perceived as "Christian" and thus not friendly to Atheists, Pagans, Heathens, Buddhists, and others. By labeling it "unchristian" the doors will be open to those groups who will be able to see that the Tea Party stands more for Freedom of All Peoples, Equality for All Men and Women, and Justice for People Regardless of Race or Religion. This in turn will make a stronger Tea Party.

The second bit of news comes from Chuck Norris. A while back I was surprised to find out he was a news commentator and on occasion I've had cause to read his articles. The latest, however, is grim. Turns out that President Obama and crew have passed a law which allows them to assassinate U.S. Citizens in order to prevent "terrorism" and "Terrorist Threats." Considering that Obama has in the works (if not completed) a plan that would allow him to hold U.S. Citizens indefinitely for the exact same reason, and that the Obama Administration is willing to consider groups like the Tea Party or similar groups that are Non-Muslim to be "terrorist" or "terrorist leaning" you may draw your own conclusions as to where this will lead.


  1. You know? I couldn't agree more. With some chagrin I might add - yes, progressivism is very Christian, not that they would even begin to admit it. The overpowering use of guilt for example as a motivating force (not that guilt is particularly Christian, but certainly the sense of responsibility for others). One of the biggest pieces of evidence supporting what you're saying is the almost suicidal tendency for Progressives to believe that if they apologise and lie down rather than assert their beliefs then our enemies will all see the error of their ways and peace and love will reign. It is horrific.

    And - as you've indicated - one of the most pernicious lies of progressivism is the belief that redistribution of wealth is "generous" (and thus "Christian"). Since when is my taking your money and giving it to someone else 'generous' - of ME?!

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  3. I think at its root it's not about redistribution of wealth being generous of you as it is invoking the premise of "the lord giveth and the lord taketh away" concept. Only now the Government is "God."

  4. Well, yes, I think so. Although my intention was to draw a sharp distinction between voluntary charity and enforced taxation.

    But I do think there's a lot to be said for conservatism - and indeed democracy itself - having been derived from pre-Christian cultures (Brehon laws etc). It's something I would actually love to know more about, particularly in relation to decision making and property rights in early Indo-European cultures.

  5. And let's not forget "collective guilt", affirmative action and such. what is it if not the doctrine of Original Sin?