Monday, July 26, 2010

It's not a Girl's World afterall

So, been a while since I posted, for which I do apologize. circumstances being what they are, I wasn't able to go after my previous record from the last month. That said, I figured I'd drop a little something today.

Let me start by mentioning a story I found earlier this month, the article of which I have sadly misplaced, so no link this time. What happened is that over in England, a school filled its Head Positions (Which as anyone who had read Harry Potter knows, go to the top Male and Female students of each year to act as representatives and help keep their class mates inline). The problem arises in how they filled these Head Positions; Namely, with all girls. The article stated that out of the ten (10) students selected to have a chance as Head Boy, Head Girl, and the two assistant positions, only Two (2) were boys. Okay, well, in this age of political correctness one would think that those two boys would automatically get the Head Boy and Assistant Head Boy position.

You'd be wrong.

Rather, this school filled all four positions with girls. Now, I do not wish in the slightest to demean these girls. I'm sure they are all fine students and are caught up in an ugly business not of their making. That said, none of them have protested this blatant round of sexism. But, they are young and most likely just happy to have something that will look good on their transcripts. The real problem comes from those in charge of the school. The principle basically came out and said that the "Boys weren't good enough." Now, I'm sorry, but everything I know about this says that the position is traditionally filled by the top students of the gender assigned to that position, not simply to the top students.

I'd hate to know how those boys felt, hearing that even if they were the "best" they weren't good enough. That's gonna do wonders for them in life.

That said, further news had cause to make one realize that while the above story is the triumph of feminism rising above male dominance, things are not as they seem. Apparently, being a girl isn't enough to get you ahead. You have to be the right kind of girl.

A little gem of an article tells the story of Brooke Heike, a college basket ball player who got benched and lost her scholarship. The reason for this benching, however, has nothing to do with the typical reasons athletes are kicked off the field though. Rather, it seems Brooke was a bit too heterosexual, with a taste for feminine clothing and make up that her coach just did not approve of. Apparently, for not going lesbian, or "Following advice that would improve her life on the court and off", is enough to get you kicked around.

Which reminds me of another story (sorry, lost the article again) in which a young woman was kicked out of her Master's program because she refused to give up her Christian views on Homosexuality. The only way she would have been allowed to continue would have been to attend a bunch of events and sensitivity classes about Homosexuality. No doubt, in the hopes of reprogramming her views. (No doubt bonus points if she actually found out she was lesbian and her Christianity had repressed it. This is important because I believe the issue arose from the young woman believing Homosexuality was a choice).

Meanwhile, back in Britain thousands of girls are facing the prospect of being taken and experiencing the joys of becoming a woman! Oh, wait, sorry. The joys of Female Genital Mutilation, which makes them a woman! That's right, ladies, you too can become a valued member of society and experience freedom and equality! We're just gonna slice, dice, rip, and hack a vital part of your anatomy away. Then stick you in a burka, hide you away, and blame you for every crime a man commits against you because Allah made it that way.

So where are those who could champion the cause of Woman's Liberation? Where are the feminists, who decry male totalitarian action that subjugates women? Oh they are very, very busy with something even more important! Hail to the Heroes, er, sorry, Heroic Persons?

Not so much...

Seems that the apron is coming back. Yep, that age old garment that has kept food off of clothing in the kitchen (and become something of a sexy symbol in certain circles) has reappeared in the female consciousness. Why is a mystery (because the obvious answer isn't). Some say it's because women are turning back to something comfortable in this uncertain time, just like they did in the 1950's. Some say they wear the apron "Ironically", but don't ask me how that works. Others say it's a return of Male Oppression and Sexism. Because a woman feeling sexy and homemakery is the height of sexism, even if it's what she wants. So thus does a battle rage in the circles of Feminism about the appropriateness of women staying home, wearing aprons, and other some things. Rejoice! They fight for you, womankind!

I'm not sure there's much more I can say about that right now. I could continue to rant, or explore the internal viewpoints of the feminist movements, but honestly I don't know what more I need to say. A movement promising to liberate women fights endlessly against aprons and homemaking, but does precious little to stop the horrendous sexism from Islam or stop the barbaric practices it has against its women. I thought the feminist movement was about empowering women so they could chose the lives they want, not insisting they live a certain kind of life, while ignoring those in this modern era who suffer in far worse situations that Women in the West have ever faced in their entire history.

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